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Cannot download apps

Recently I’ve tried to download some apps for my iPhone, but suddenly Apple store told me, that I need to attach a new card for any money-actions. I was told, that there are some problems with my current card. I tried to google for the problem, and some of your support topics told me, that Apple wants to re-check my paying abilities, so i need to pay 1$, then my money will be returned.

alright, I did this, but then was a message “there’a been a mistake, cannot attach card, try later”(but it has taken my $.

Still okay, I tried to check my operations, because I could have something unpayed. The app told me to refresh my story of purchases, but I need TO ATTACH A NEW CARD TO REFRESH THE STORY TO PAY FOR BILLS TO ATTACH MY CARD


so, I don’t know what to do right now, I need help

best wishes, sfarismatique

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