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Raising the volume on my entire movie without having to export and import back in?

Hi. I have a feature length movie that I'd like to enter into festivals. However, I feel the volume is too low and would like to raise the volume of the entire movie 3db's. Most of my audio files are at their limit (when we recorded the audio the levels sounded fine but we learned our lesson that the recording levels need to be raised a bit. Being new at this, I was afraid of distortion and unusable audio if the recorded dialogue was too loud.) Anyhow, I exported the movie as a Pro Res file, brought it back into FCPX, raised the entire volume 3 db's, exported it again as a Pro Res and now the movie has errors with the sound. It's sticking and unusable.

Maybe if I Compound all the Audio? But that could be a complete disaster if I release the compound and all my audio has somehow shifted. My audio shifted once when I moved around scenes (uncompounded), what a nightmare, I learned my lesson.

Is there an easy way around all this? Anyone have any ideas?

My next step would be to import the ProRes into Premiere, raise the volume, and export there…… but I'd rather just keep it in FCPX.

Thanks! And Happy Valentines Day to all.


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