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5505 error when trying to enable home sharing in Catalina

Home sharing has always worked fine before. Now that i updated to Catalina, I can't activate it. Console is always showing an auth failure. Definitely not that though.

Tried deauthorizing the computer in iTunes and reauthorizing it. Didn't help. Rebooted a few times as well.

error	20:35:46.037079-0500	SharingPrefsExtension	Home Sharing could not be activated because the Apple ID or password was incorrect.
error	20:35:46.037127-0500	SharingPrefsExtension	mspe> HomeSharing activation failed with code: 5505  error: <private>

Not sure if 2fa is necessary or now but it never sends me anything. Never needed 2fa for previous version to enable home sharing so i'm guessing it's not that.

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