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Photos disappearing when turning on iCloud photos

Hi, I have 2 issues that I have encountered in the process of uploading/download photos into iCloud:

1) When I first turned on iCloud photos on my old iPhone 5, I saw the number of total photos decreased on my phone (around 1000 photos) when it started to upload onto iCloud. As I have lots of photos on the phone and there weren't anything in the delete photos folder, so I wasn't able to locate which ones disappeared and where have they gone.

2) I have successfully uploaded all my photos from my XS max onto iCloud, and I one day I wanted copies on my Mac as well as aback up so I turned on iCloud photos on my mac. When it said it was updating, the total number of photos was less than those on my phone again, and as they library updated, I had photos randomly disappearing from my phone/iCloud. Again there was nothing in the bin folder and I wasn't able to locate which ones were the ones that have gone missing and now I have no way to recover those unless I store my phone from last back up (which I won't as it's too long a process and risky)

Does anyone have the same problem or can help? This is really annoying.

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