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Pioneer PDP-5030 compatibility with Apple TV 4K

I am solving for slow/choppy streaming of Netflix and Prime video. I am told my Apple gen 3 A1469 needs to be upgraded.

The PDP 5030 does not have HDMI whereas Apple TV requires it.

1) Is the PDP-5030HD compatible with the Apple TV 4K?

2) Can I connect the Apple Thru the Cisco Nextbox (cable box) to get to the 5030 since the next box has both HDMI and AV ports? Or do I need an HDMI to AV converter and need to connect the Apple directly to the PDP 5030?

3) will streaming of prime and Netflix thru the Apple 4K be faster than the 3rd generation Apple model A1469?

4) Any other thoughts would be appreciated. The PDP picture is still amazing after 15 years believe or not…hence my reluctance to replace it.

thank you for your help!

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