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SCREENSAVER "HomeSharing" not Working after Update 13.4

My Home Sharing Albums from my Photos was working until last weeks update to 13.4.

Now exactly the same problem — even though all of the Selection Criteria is Spot On and Preview Works

When is goes back to Main Screen — Black as Black with an Occasional White Screen flashed for a sec the Back To Black.

Have Reset by pulling out plugs

Have Reset by Going to Settings and System Restart

Nothing Works

I totally agree that its Totally Disappointing — one of the Main Reasons we purchased the Apple TV Gen 4 was the ability to have personal photos as a Screensaver.

Apple Ariel Works if that is selected but No Go on my own Albums.

APPLE LAND GET IF YOU READ THESE POSTS — please get your Techies onto it.

Caroline Cairns in Western Australia

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