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Missing Plug-in error to Stream Amazon Prime Video Question marked as Apple recommended ★ Latest reply  by  tenglish74 Latest update on the question 2 replies 171 views asked by  ArizonaMan User profile for user: wheatiepie wheatiepie User level: Level 1 I have yosemite ios how do I find a newer ios for it? Question marked as solved helpful ★ Latest reply  by  wheatiepie Latest update on the question 7 replies 108 views asked by  wheatiepie User profile for user: 凸Sir 凸Sir User level: Level 1 when I change keyboard from A1314 to A1644 Function Key not work

I am attempting to stream Amazon Prime video on my Macbook Air running its most current Yosemite OS. When attempting, I get the "missing plug-in" error. From the menu bar, I've allowed plug-in access via Safari->Preferences->Security-> then checking both Adobe Flash Player and Amazon.com. Any help?

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