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Netflix black screen on USBC connected external display. Using Safari. Works in all other browsers. Question marked as solved ★ Latest reply  by  v0iD72 Latest update on the question 2 replies 16 views asked by  v0iD72 User profile for user: hojichaLatte hojichaLatte User level: Level 1 update not found for macOS Catalina

Hi All,

Is this a known issue? I have reset SMC | PRAM and even freshly reinstalled macOS Catalina. Tested just dragging the window from my Retina display to the external (BenQ 3501R) and the video goes black but continues playing the audio.

Connected with USBC

2019 Macbook Pro

  • disabled ScreenTime.
  • disabled Auto graphics switching
  • Works in Brave, Firefox and MS Edge Chromium.

Talked with support rep – but appeared that she was not technical and wanted me to walk through and reset SMC again etc. Then pointed to HDCP issue. I kept trying to explain it works in other browsers.

Could someone with a USBC external monitor try using Netflix with Safari 13.1 and macOS Catalina 10.15 (19A602)

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