iCloud on my iOS device

How do I backup iphone when "iCloud backup" doesn't appear in settings?

I have an iphone 7 (ios 13.3). Problems: (1) My backup is supposed to set automatically when the phone is plugged in, is on a wireless network, and is locked, which it always is at night. However, it apparently doesn't, because every so often I get notifications saying "Your iphone has not been backed up in a month." Does anyone know why this isn't happening? (2) I've been trying to back it up manually. I've followed the instructions in the Apple Support app:

(a) "Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network." (It's nearly always connected and plugged in to a USB port on a desk lamp.)

(b) Go to Settings > [your name], and tap iCloud." Did that.

(c) Tap "iCloud Backup." Did this. The first time, "iCloud Backup" appeared. (The automatic setting was on.) "Back Up Now" didn't respond when tapped. Tried again and tapped "iCloud Backup." According to my previous effort and Apple Support, the next window after "iCloud" should be the backup window, but since the first time, the only option is "Manage Storage." I've scrolled all the way down in that window and there's no option to back up.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks!!

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