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Iphone 11 Panic woes

I finally made the switch from being a long time android user over to a shiny new iphone 11 and having all sorts of random power off and restart issues. Is there something majorly wrong with these devices? I'm on my second one now and its experiencing the same issues as my first. Here's what's been happening.

  1. Purchased device from Verizon. Noticed a few times it was sitting at an apple logo rebooting on its own. was waiting for a port to finish so wasn't really using the device heavily and didn't think much of it.
  2. device randomly powered off on its own so I started searching and seeing others experiencing the same issues.
  3. factory wiped device and installed 13.1.3
  4. During the 13.1.3 install the device just powered off, it didn't reboot automatically to complete the upgrade which was weird.
  5. shutdowns and reboots still occurring.
  6. checking in the analytics logs there's all sorts of Panic full logs and restart logs.
  7. take it to Apple store and they ask some basic questions and just give me a new device on the spot.
  8. setup new phone as a new device not restoring anything
  9. new device back to experiencing the same issues.

All this has occurred without any 3rd party apps loaded too. So if it's a software issue, it's an Apple software issue, not any apps I've loaded.

I don't have a choice other than to go back to apple store and wait around again as a walk in. appointments are booked out days in advance at my store and it ***** to have a half functioning phone for days.

I'm so crushed, I dunno if I keep at this or since I'm still within my undo option with verizon do I just take this as a sign and return the device and go back to my samsung?

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