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I just upgraded to macOS Catalina on my 2012 MBP. So far everything has gone very smooth. I have played around with it for a few hours now and I really like some of the changes that were made.

But one thing has me baffled, the new Music app… I have playlists that are on my iPhone in its Music app that I created in iTunes. In iTunes when I plugged in my iPhone I would see all the playlists I created by clicking on iPhone. But in the new Music app in Catalina not only do I not see those playlists, but I also don't see a way to create more or delete the ones I did create.

Please tell me I am just missing something easy here. How do I view those playlists so I can add more music to them or do anything else with them? I have been searching and searching Google for an answer, but have had no luck.



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