OS X Yosemite

SSD storage total does not match the ABOUT THIS MAC details

I have 2 SSD drives 256gb each on my MacBookPro (late 2015)

When I use the COMMAND – I shortcut it tells me I have this amount of space left:

  1. Capacity 255.72GB (Available 56.5GB)
  2. Capacity 255.2GB (Available 189.51GB)

However when using the ABOUT THIS MAC link the storage numbers don't match…..

  1. Capacity 255.72GB (Available 56.5GB)
  2. Capacity 255.2GB (Available 89.04GB)

I have deleted everything in the TRASH – its empty.

When tying to back up my iPhone in iTunes it tells me there is not enough space to back it up.

SO I guess the 189GB is not correct? – why do the totals not correlate, which way to check is correct?

My iTunes is on the hard drive with the 189GB free……..


Where am I going wrong??

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