OS X El Capitan

Why do Text Clippings no longer wrap?

A recent OSX update has resulted in Text Clippings no longer wrapping to window constraints and even occlude the clipping content when the window is adjusted.

I read that "Quick Look" (spacebar rather than double-click) will open clipping in an adjustable wrapped window. OK. But why make the (more intuitive) double-click method so useless? I can't imagine that ANY OSX user is at all pleased with this change. Clippings are, arguably, the most used text manipulation, by far.

Please Put It Back the way it was and keep the Quick Look method.

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my operating system is os x el captain 10.11.6. I can not longer upgrade apps and other things. But it s mid 2011 built and is not compatible with Catalina as it is too old. Any suggestions.


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