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Textedit- You don’t own the file and don’t have permission to write to it.

What is going on? Every once in a while, I cannot save one of the TextEdit documents that I created and worked on. All the long, I have been saving it, and suddenly it pops up saying I do not have permissions to save it. I have to copy text and paste it in another text app to save my work. Recently, I had to change my user as my adobe apps would not open anymore (continually asking me to log in that fails). Moreover, now, in the new user, Textedit hits me with: You don't own the file "Document.rtf" and don't have permission to write to it. You can duplicate this document and edit the duplicate. Only the duplicate will include your changes.– ??? What is happening with this beautiful simple app I use for writing? Who are these people who are making Apple so complicated with these inflated security measures? Steve Jobs- where are you? Help!

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