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High Sierra Freeze-SSD

I have a late 2015 imac that I connected a new SSD to via USB and am booting from that. I have the OS (High Sierra) and some apps that I moved (not reinstalled) over my applications.

The issue I'm having is the OS is freezing occasionally (twice in around 4 hours of use). In both cases I was using Chrome and I typed in the address box and when I went to click on the suggested site, the computer just froze up. No mouse or keyboard movement, no beach ball, no nothing.

I also had an issue where I couldn't wake the computer from sleep, ended up having to do a hard reset.

Does anyone know if this is common and have any suggestions? I know its a vague issue but I did read a few posts about High Sierra freezing on SSD but that seems to be more "beach ball" type freezing and not a totally frozen up system.


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