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Why does time maching insist on making very large backups under Catalina? Question marked as helpful ★ Latest reply  by  Jim_O Latest update on the question 4 replies 15 views asked by  Jim_O User profile for user: Apple_Support_Community_User Apple_Support_Community_User User level: Level 1 After upgrading to MacOS Catalina: The selected network backup disk does not support the required capabilities

Since upgrading to Catalina, Time Machine insists on massive backups. It is currently doing a backup of 688 GB. It's only been a few days since the last backup! The internal disk is a 2 TB SSD and backing up into a 4 TB Western Digital EasyStore. These large backups have been occurring on each and evry backup since upgrading to Catalina. Probably about 4 consecutive backups which have been at least 600-700 MB each time! 4-7 hours for each backup. What's up?

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