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I need to loop my iPhone 7 plus and it says connect to iTunes support but it won't complete the process, and my phone won't turn on

My iPhone 7 plus just keeps turning off and on only showing the apple logo each time, Ive followed all the trouble shooting issues and connected it to my Mac desktop and connected it to iTunes so it can reboot or download and restart the phone after the process but it is not allowing my phone to complete this process with iTunes I have tried everything is there something I am missing or can someone please help me and I am not very smart or tech smart when it comes to these types of issues so I would really appreciate any extra detail in explaining what I may need to do to fix this problem I am trying to avoid taking my phone into an apple store or retailer as there is not one close to where I live. I don't have the time to do this and my service provider says they cannot help me either. I am about to loose my phone and cannot afford another. and I really don't know why this happened to the screejn.

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