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Re-training mail to move messages to correct folder

This question has been asked many times by others, but Apple does not appear to understand the question being asked.

I have many folders set up to move my emails into and I liked that iOS would, over time, learn where I moved those emails and then "auto suggest" each time I would choose to move an email. However, I have found since updating to iOS 13 mail is now suggesting my emails be moved to folders that have nothing to do with the email I want to move.

I know there is the option to "Move to other" but doesn't that defeat the purpose of the the auto suggest feature? Like many others have asked, and I'll ask it again. Is there a way for me to change or re-train iOS to auto suggest the correct folder to move my emails into?

Apple: please don't provide a link to "how to use mail in iOS" because that does nothing to fix the issue many others, including myself, are having.

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