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Prevent a phone user from Adding to or Deleting from "Contacts"

On iOS13 Screen Time, access to Contacts from third party apps can be controlled. However, I want to give a phone to a younger family member and prevent adding to the Contacts list in any case. I can restrict calls and messages to contacts in just the Contacts list-not the same thing- that does no good if anyone can simply add a new contact to Contacts. So I'm looking for a way to prevent the USER of the phone from adding, modifying or deleting from Contacts.

Apple Support claims there is no way to do this on iOS13- drilling down to the Screen Time Contacts restriction also doesn't work because you are required to put in a time limit (1 minute minimum).

Any thoughts out there? There's a lot about controlling access to "Contacts" out there that won't actually prevent a young user from adding their own contact directly into the default Contacts app… this is for an iPhone 6s running 13.1…

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