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Macbook Pro – Network Errors

Hello, just yesterday I started having problems with my macbook i've never experienced my entire time owning it.

Model: Macbook Pro11,1

I was able to load a few websites like Youtube and Facebook but I couldn't access a majority including Twitch….I receive an error page ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE.

first i updated to catalina but it didn't solve the issue

I tried reinstalling chrome, didn't help.

I tried using Safari didn't help.

I tried to install Mozilla but i couldn't even get to the download page.

I tried Factory resetting the computer but it won't even let me as it says "Network could not be reached"

I've tried deleting WIFI and re-adding it

I've tried changing the DNS server

I've tried renewing the DHCP Release

I've tried three different networks all the same issue (can load some pages but still broken)

I've tried using Ethernet (through thunderbolt)

this is driving me insane, anyone have some tips?

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