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Severe battery drain, iOS 13.1.3, iPad Pro

Any suggestions?

I am experiencing severe battery drain, iOS 13.1.3, iPad Pro. In Settings>Battery, Safari is shown to be the biggest drain by far (BY FAR!). Have been going from 100% after unplugging charger to less than 50% in two hours of morning use (between 7:00 and 9:00am). At the rate of drain, will have zero left before noon. I use Safari to read articles/morning news…not watching battery consuming videos (but even if I were, this performance would be atrocious and unacceptable). Have performed all the “fixes” I found listed online thus far: install the latest iOS with its “battery fix,” wait (did so for days!) for app updates to “catch up,” lower screen brightness, turn off background app refresh, close apps (and rebooted), minimize open tabs in Safari (usually only have two open at any one time, but also erased history/data and rebooted), etc. Nothing helps. There is a serious problem and it doesn’t appear to be a setting. Thank you for any suggestions.

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