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Why does it take several attempts to clear the "grouping" field in the new "Music" app.

Hi there.

Ever since I upgraded to Catalina & have been struggling with clearing the grouping field.

I don't use it. I have very specific tagging habits & I don't like any information in there that I didn't put there.

Very often, having ripped an album, the grouping field will contain something random (& often hilarious) that I then delete by selecting the album, typing command-i, putting the cursor in the field & typing delete.

When I OK that, something different will have been put in the grouping field & I often have to repeat this process several times for it to stay cleared.

I get that Apple may be wanting to do their very, very helpful thing of doing stuff for me whether I like it or not, but this is a bug, surely?

When I first select the album & go through the tags, if I clear that field it should stay clear.

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