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Why can I not get an appointment with an Apple-knowledgeable employee to help get started on my new MacBook Pro. I have had Apple Macs since the mid-1980s when floppy disks were in use. Therefore, I am familiar with Apple products–also have an iPhone, an iPad, and an old MacBook Pro, but I am NOT a techie and need help. No instructions in box, no manual, geniouses and sales people do not have time to help me. Bought AppleCare but that is only for problems not how to get up and running. I am not good at talking on the phone and trying to figure out what an Apple tech is talking about. I am lost and plan to return my new MacBook Pro and just go back to using my old slow but dependable one. There was no place to send this message directly to Apple or to the Apple Store where I purchased this new one.

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