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iOS 13.1.2 steer wheeling controls

Last night my phone an XsMax updated to 13.1.2 and today I noticed that I have lost the use of the controls for my music via the steering wheel. I have my phone connected via a USB cord that allows me to use the hands free controls in my traverse. I thought maybe it was the cord but I tried different ones and still the same thing. I thought ok let’s try my daughters phone and she has the Xs and hers works fine. Everything works as it should when I have my phone connected until I go to skip or rewind a song. It acts like it’s working, it shows the next song but then doesnt do anything. I can also pause the music but that’s about it. It’s kind of annoying. Everything was fine last night and then my phone updated and now it’s not. Does anyone have some tips for this? I have tried restarting my phone, deleting my car from the Bluetooth and re adding it. It’s clearly my phone since my daughters phone works fine. Hopefully someone has some insight.

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