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husband and wife shared iCloud/Apple ID issues

My husband and I both have iphones (mine is a 7+, he just got an 11). We have always shared an Apple ID (via hotmail). At some point (we can't remember when/why) we also have one under gmail. When he got the new 11 the other day, we told the tech the Apple ID was "gmail". He said that wasn't right, so we tried "hotmail", which then worked. Everything backed up and transferred to his phone fine, except his contacts weren't quite right. I tried different combinations of converting our Apple ID/iCloud back to gmail/hotmail, and found that we needed the iTunes/App Store login to be hotmail in order for our iTunes, Notes, Reminders, etc. to be back in sync. When I set the Apple ID to hotmail, he has all of his contacts, but also some of mine, and his phone's "My Card" has my information instead of his. When I change it to gmail, it returns his phone's "My Card" back to him and everything appears right, but a lot of his contacts are missing. How can we get his contacts back to what they were before his new phone? I think maybe when he backed up to iCloud before his new phone, maybe he didn't have "Contacts" toggled on??? How can I change my current phone to back-up to a separate iCloud so I can prevent these complication when I upgrade my phone? Can we get separate Apple IDs, but share the iTunes/App store login (remaining under hotmail)?

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