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Error importing iPhone photos to PC

I have the SAME ISSUE of accessing/backing up my photos… pretty much the exact same circumstances as prior person posting (see below) except throw in the latest HEIC issue that I had to convert those that I was able to save. For a digital/traditional scrapbooker who uses lots of pictures off their phone, this entire process is too cumbersome to backup and use pictures taken. My Windows Photo Viewer will not open any of the iphone pictures nor provide the icon picture in Windows Explorer.

ching160 posted 1/2/19 iPhone 8 Plus the following with no replies & I am unable to reply…

"I have the same issue as another member that posted in another thread, but now

that thread is locked without a clear resolution.

I've tried importing photos from two separate iPhones with the latest iOS updates

onto various Windows 10 PCs (also fully updated) and keep running into

errors/issues. I first tried importing about 5,000 photos from an iPhone 6s. I

kept running into the same 3 issues as poster deabi23:

  1. Photos app > import starts but fail's at some point saying "something

went wrong"

2.iPhone drive which will appear in my PC – right click and choose option import

pictures and videos – it asks to skip a picture for some error and ended up

skipping half of the pictures and at the end when it starts to delete the

photo, it deletes the photos its skipped too so lost few pictures.

3.iPhone drive which will appear in my PC – manually cut and paste in a folder

and this gets stuck in the middle too. This method eventually worked, but it

took HOURS for me to do since I was copying little by little after each error.

I repeated this process until all the photos were copied over.

Now I'm trying to copy over 10,000 photos/videos from an iPhone 8 Plus. I thought the

issues would be different with a newer phone, but I keep running into the same

issues above. So I decided to try using iTunes to backup my photos instead. I

had an even worse experience with iTunes. Going to the photos screen in the app

after the app detected my phone, it kept telling me that I needed to download

the iCloud app in order to download the photos onto my PC. So I downloaded the

iCloud app, but it only lets me download up to my storage limit (only 5gb). So

the only way that I can download all 60gbs of photos off of my iPhone is if I

pay to upgrade my storage limit? Seems pretty greedy and un-intuitive to me.

After a google search, I then found out that if I turn off iCloud photo syncing, only

then will iTunes let me manually backup photos on my PC. So, I set the media

directory in iTunes to my larger hard drive, logically thinking that my photos

would get backed up there and to make sure I don't run out of space. So I kick

off the sync process overnight. Figuring everything went well, I get to my PC

in the morning and it says it's run out of storage space so it stopped the

sync. I was baffled because the media directory I set had 600gbs free for a

60gb backup. I poke around the preferences in the iTunes application for

another 30 mins to try and find another way to change the backup directory to a

larger hard drive but I couldn't find the option anywhere. After yet another

google search, I find out that the backup directory can't be changed and that

it defaults to a folder on your C drive. The backup folder is buried somewhere

in the Users/AppData folder and was the reason why I ran out of storage space.

Why would photos not be backed up to the media folder and how would anyone know

of this default directory? When I opened it up backup folder in the C drive, I

expected to see a folder of "photos" in there, but I find that the

files are literally just 40gbs of backup files and are unusable for any other


How does such a simple function turn out to be so frustrating? It shouldn't take me

a couple of days to try and back up my photos onto a PC. Apple, please get your

act together if you are going to continue to tout being simple to use and that

your hardware/software "just works." Please help me find a simple way

to get my photos onto my PC.

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Iphone Photos will not import to Windows 10


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