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In store MacBook Air battery replacement

What is the process for replacing the battery for my MB Air at an Apple Store? I do not know want to do the mail in method.

I know I have to schedule and appt at the store to have a diagnostic ran on it, eventhough I already did this over the phone with Apple Support. They were able to verify the battery needs to be replaced. Once the in store staff verifies I indeed do need a battery…what happens next?

It is unlikely they would the battery on hand in the store already, so it will have to be ordered. If that is the case, I am sure I do not leave my computer at the store while they order it and wait for it to be shipped to the store? I was told there was no way to "pre-order" the battery and have it sent to the store so I would only have to make one trip to the store.

If anyone has gone through this process before, I would appreciate any feedback you have on what happened.

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