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Up Next on Apple TV App Not Synching with Apple TV and Other Devices

I just updated to Catalina and looked at the Apple TV app.

I feel like I'm missing something, because I expected it to show me what is on my Apple TV device, yet the Watch Now only has one show (which isn't even on my Apple TV), and I don't see where I can log into HBO etc using my cable company log in.

I checked and I'm logged into the same Apple ID on both the computer app, and the Apple TV. What I see in the Support page says things like "continue watching from your Apple TV on your phone, iPad and computer," and shows pictures of all those screens with the exact same content, making me believe I should be able to use the Apple TV app on my matchbook just like I use my Apple TV device on my TV.

Help inside the app isn't helpful, nor were Settings.

I opened the TV app on my iPhone, and magically it was the same as on the TV screen. So is it just a problem with the app on the computer?

Also, is there no using your cable log in to get the premiums on the computer App? Would I have to log into HBO directly via the app, which presumably would require me paying another subscription for it?

I'm really not understanding the computer app at this point. Does it just not have the same functionality?

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