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Can Bluetooth headphones auto-connect to Apple TV? Or is there a shortcut?

Is there a way to auto-connect my Bluetooth headphones to my ATV the moment I turn on the headphones and the ATV is already on? It's very cumbersome to navigate through

Long-press menu button ⟶ Settings ⟶ Remotes and Devices ⟶ Bluetooth ⟶ My Devices ⟶ Connect Device ⟶ press Home button

every time I want to watch something on my Apple TV.

When I turn on my Bluetooth headphones, they always auto-connect to my MacBook – whether I want them to or not, and regardless of whether the lid is open or closed. How can I set things up so that they auto-connect with Apple TV?

And if that's not possible, is there a shortcut to get to that Settings menu item? Or can I create such a shortcut?

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