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Cant pair Apple Watch with new iPhone SE


I was earlier using the Apple Watch Series 1 running Watch OS 3.2.2 on my older iPhone 5. I have started recently using a new iPhone SE, but couldn't get to pair the Apple Watch with the SE. It never pairs automatically or show the 6 digit pairing code on the watch. Tried the same with iPhone 7 but still wont work. Both SE and 7 are running latest version of iOS 13.

I can successfully pair the Watch with the older iPhone 5 every time, but not with the SE or 7. Unfortunately can't update the Watch software on the iPhone 5 running iOS 10. Tried all the following things –

  1. Pairing / Unpairing multiple times
  2. Removing Activation lock manually from iCloud
  3. Resetting Watch from Watch settings
  4. iPhone hard reset while pairing
  5. All various methods on this forum and other websites.

Would greatly appreciate if someone could help and suggest any method to pair the Apple Watch to the newer phones. I think it may be a OS compatibility issue, but I cant even update the Watch as iPhone 5 is stuck at iOS 10 and no other iPhone is pairing.

PS: When I tried to pair the SE running on iOS 12 for the first time, I could get the six digit code, but couldn't proceed as it mentioned that Watch OS needs to be updated first. After that never even reached that step.

And living in India, so no Genius Bar yet (coming only later in 2020).

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