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Clearing iphone memory

In attempts to clear memory on my iphone 7+, I deleted over 20gigs of pictures and videos from my photos app.

The majority of these files were relatively small and together added up to a little more than 2gigs, while one video, the main one eating my memory, was over 18gigs by itself. Every one if these photos/videos disappeared from my photos app as per usuall.

I then went to my storage settings to clear out my recently deleted files and 18gigs worth, the main file I wanted removed, was not there… only the smaller files worth 2gigs. I cleared those 2gigs, returned to photos app to try and find where my 18gig video went, and it wasnt there.

So, my phone no longer showes my 18gig file in my videos, but did not free up the memory it was taking. I restarted and then hard restarted to see if that helped to no avail.

Have not found anyone else on the web who has experienced this particular issue. Help?

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