iCloud on my Mac

Changing Wi-Fi network on one device changes it on *all* others under my Apple ID

The problem that I'm about to describe predates iOS 13, but it seems to have gotten worse since the updated installed yesterday.

Here's the scenario:

  1. Connect iMac to iPhone hotspot.
  2. Get message that iMac cannot connect to iPhone hotspot.
  3. Power-cycle and log in to iPhone.
  4. Connect iMac to iPhone hotspot.
  5. iMac connects.
  6. Within a few seconds, iPhone connects to nearby Wi-Fi network (call it SSID1).
  7. Within a few seconds, iMac connects to SSID1.
  8. Reconnect iMac to iPhone hotspot.
  9. Within a few seconds, iPhone drops connection to SSID1.

At this point, the connection on the iMac is stable until the iPhone decides to try to connect to the Wi-Fi network. Once the iPhone is successful at connecting to a Wi-Fi network, it triggers the iMac to connect to that network, dropping the connection to the iPhone hotspot.

I would try to remove the nearby network from the list of known Wi-Fi networks, but I am unable to delete entries from the Wi-Fi networks list. If I try, the entries resurrect after some brief period of time (it's short, but I haven't measured it). I've tried turning off the "Remember networks that this computer has joined," but that, too, soon resets. I made numerous calls to Apple several years ago about this, but the problem was never resolved.

This is immensely frustrating, and I have not found a stable solution. There is the "nuclear" option whereby I create multiple iCloud accounts, but that completely defeats the purpose of iCloud.


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