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HELP!!! Deregister imessage After Phone Switch

Recently, I switched over to a Samsung S8 and I'm not getting any text messages from iPhones.

Deregister iMessage on your iPhone or online

> I tried to sign out and turn off imessage and it still doesn't work.

> I even put my phone number in and it keeps saying my phone number is already deregistered but I'm still not getting any texts.

> I didn't get a new sim card, I just moved it from the iphone to the S8. When I put the sim back into the iphone it keeps saying activation error, so I can't try that way.

> When I am logged into an icloud account, it doesn't matter whose, the phone number is there in gray and it's stuck with the loading symbol.

Can someone please help, this is a real issue for me.

HELP!!! Deregister imessage After Phone Switch

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