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Catalina and iPhone playlists. Where?

So, this upgrade of getting rid of itunes is just so backwards to me and certain things are very annoying.

I recently purchased a new macbook pro, so since this is my daily used computer that I can actually travel with, I wanted to sync it with this computer (why I had to delete all of my music I don't know, but on to the issue) So I sync it with the new computer.

I manually manage music from my collection of music I have been collecting since I was a child so I have a huge collection. To the point, I have playlists I added to my iphone 11 pro max, using the new music app. When clicking the phone in this app, I can see the songs, when going using my phone, I can see all of the music and all of the playlists, but where on earth do I see what playlists are on my phone, when I'm on the actual computer? I don't know what playlists are on the phone unless I check the phone, I can simply drag a song to a playlist on the computer because no menu is there under the phone like it was on itunes. Where are the playlists visible at on this new setup on Catalina?

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