ICloud Drive keeps loggin out on upload

Whenever I try to upload multiple files to my Drive thru browser (any), it automatically kicks me out. This doesnt happen right on the start, but after the 3rd or 4th file has been uploaded. Same happens on a pc and mac.

This is the error the browser gives.

  • {success: false, configBag: {urls: {,…}, accountCreateEnabled: "true"},…}
  • configBag: {urls: {,…}, accountCreateEnabled: "true"}
  • accountCreateEnabled: "true"
  • urls: {,…}
  • accountAuthorizeUI: "https://idmsa.apple.com/appleauth/auth/authorize/signin?client_id=d39ba9916b7251055b22c7f910e2ea796ee65e98b2ddecea8f5dde8d9d1a815d"
  • accountCreate: "https://setup.icloud.com/setup/ws/1/createLiteAccount"
  • accountCreateUI: "https://appleid.apple.com/widget/account/?widgetKey=d39ba9916b7251055b22c7f910e2ea796ee65e98b2ddecea8f5dde8d9d1a815d#!create"
  • accountLogin: "https://setup.icloud.com/setup/ws/1/accountLogin"
  • accountLoginUI: "https://idmsa.apple.com/appleauth/auth/signin?widgetKey=d39ba9916b7251055b22c7f910e2ea796ee65e98b2ddecea8f5dde8d9d1a815d"
  • accountRepairUI: "https://appleid.apple.com/widget/account/?widgetKey=d39ba9916b7251055b22c7f910e2ea796ee65e98b2ddecea8f5dde8d9d1a815d#!repair"
  • downloadICloudTerms: "https://setup.icloud.com/setup/ws/1/downloadLiteTerms"
  • getICloudTerms: "https://setup.icloud.com/setup/ws/1/getTerms"
  • repairDone: "https://setup.icloud.com/setup/ws/1/repairDone"
  • vettingUrlForEmail: "https://id.apple.com/IDMSEmailVetting/vetShareEmail"
  • vettingUrlForPhone: "https://id.apple.com/IDMSEmailVetting/vetSharePhone"

  • error: "Missing X-APPLE-WEBAUTH-TOKEN cookie"
  • success: false

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