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Apple won’t replace My Brand new Two weeks used only !!!!! Is this normal Question marked as solved ★ Latest reply  by  M7md8812 Latest update on the question 21 replies 160 views asked by  M7md8812 User profile for user: ShelbyLee1 ShelbyLee1 User level: Level 1 Reading Messages on Laptop and Still Showing as Unread on Iphone

I just purchased 2019 MacBook Pro i9 and used it for two weeks and the power drops from100% to 0 within two hours when editing using Lightroom/photoshop….I did full diagnostic check and power saving but its still the same than I was advised to return it back by the apple support where I expected a new device.The apple tech had it for one day performed an update/format diagnostic check and said it is fine and ready to be picked. Which is not acceptable at all and not professional. Its a new item highest in specs why do i have to deal this delay and back and forth between the agent and customer service and apple support!! I should be allowed for a new replacement item instead of formatting/fixing a brand new laptop that should not have those problems within 2 weeks only, you expect this to happen after 6 months to year atleast,

last thing they told me is that the region am at has different laws when it comes to replacing a brand new item . Do you guys think this is a proper professional way to solve my problem for the price and the brand name?!

anyone else had a problem like this please help ASAP ?!

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