iCloud storage Synchronisation doubt

i have iCloud storage sync across several devices as my main storage

  • 1 MacBook pro
  • 1 iPhone XR
  • dell insprion
  • Dell precision workstation

having coming from Dropbox & google drive platform, I am expecting the synchronisation is seamless.

unfortunately, this is no happening, the changes on my workstations don’t reflect on my other device, even I leave them overnight connected to internet.

there isn’t a interface to tell the progress of syncing, never know when the devices detect the changes, never know if which file and folder will be downloaded to my local.

this has making entire experience very negative. I can’t be sure my presentation available on my MacBook Pro when I need to present to my clients.

compare to other cloud services, I expect Apple to up their game.

anyone having this issue as mine? How do u all approach it?

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