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My laptop not recognizing iPod Classic

My iPod Classic basically reset itself a few weeks ago, quite possibly this was the start of the issue I'm about to discuss but I don't quite remember, and am not sure, on how it reset itself in the first place. This was right before a very long road trip so I was rushing to try and sync my music back onto it, but my laptop would not recognize it at all. A few times it recognized it, however not even iTunes recognized the device. The frustrating thing is of course when you plug it in, the iPod either way still says "eject to disconnect", well … I can't eject it if my laptop isn't recognizing it!!!I have a Windows 10 laptop by the way. So whenever I plug it in, it comes up with the "connected" message, and then when I unplug it, it takes a minute or two to try and complete the "ok to disconnect" thing before it actually restarts itself again and goes back to the language select screen. I have tried using all my USB ports, i unfortunately don't have another cable for this model of iPod to use so that's not an idea either. I really need to fix this ASAP for, funny enough, another road trip so please, any help would be appreciated!

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