iCloud on my iOS device

Restoring from older icloud backup on iphone

I recently had problems with my iphone where it couldn't get out of a reset loop and at the same time the wifi simply stopped working (Genius bar told me this was a hardware issue needing a phone replacement). So they had me just reset the phone as a new device because I couldnt restore from icloud backup without wifi (and i had not backed up locally) so i could at least use it for a short while until I got a new phone.

I used it for about 2-3 weeks and somewhere in the last 4 days to a week, the wifi suddenly started working again (without me realising). So of course I want to restore to my older backup to get all my apps, configuration etc etc. But now of course the phone starting backing up the new state in the night without me realizing.

When I do a reset and go to restore from icloud I only get the option to restore from two backups, one from yesterday and one from a week ago, both of which are my new state. How can I restore from my older backup 3 weeks+ old so I can get all my old data back? Please dont tell me Apple just overwrites that old backup with the new one!

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