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my default apple watch apps are not installing after a watch os reinstall

I had to reinstall watch OS on my series 3 apple watch. Some of the default apps are working but many are not such as Music, Weather, Stop Watch, Maps, Calculator.

They are showing on the watch face but are blackened and nothing happens when pressed. At one point I was told that the "Weather" companion app (activated from Face Complication) has to be installed on the paired iPhone. It is by default. No "Weather" app section shows in the "My Watch" app on the paired iPhone, it did before.

What is going wrong with this reinstall of the watch OS? I followed Apple's standard watch reset instructions with "Save Cellular Settings" option.

It also looks like some of the not working apps on the watch are trying to restore (white clockwise pie wedge moving around 360 to fill) but they all seem stuck.

Can provide more info if needed.



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