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Apple Watch Series 2 Nike + battery drain on 5.3.2

Hi all,

I've had my watch for about 3 years and each night have gone to bed with usually around 45-55% battery charge left. Since the other week after recent watchOS update my battery have seen a significant drain.

Now i'm down to about 30% battery halfway through the day….I'll be lucky to make it home from work before it goes into power save mode. If the reduction had been gradual over the last few years I probably would have noticed as much, but this seemed to almost happen over night.

I have tried restarting both phone and watch a number of times, un-paired watch and re-paired, un-paired and setup as new watch (temporarily fixed battery drain for about a day)… I have no third party app installed any longer but still see a massive chunk of battery life go for each hour.

Does anyone have any options of what to do next or where to turn…?

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