iCloud on my Mac

reminders disappeared after iCloud sign-out

My daughter used my apple id on her new iPad and it caused a bunch of different problems. In trying to re-synch my Contacts, I signed out of iCloud and then back in. Now my Reminders on my iMac are all messed up or missing. Here's the situation:

I have 3 devices: MacBook, iPhone, & iMac. The only app I synch among them is Contacts.

I only use Reminders on my iMac.

When I signed back into iCloud, the Reminders app in my iMac's System Prefs was toggled On.

When I went to Reminders on the iMac, all the folders in the "On My Mac" sidebar were gone and a bunch of out-of-date folders from years ago when I experimented with synching Reminders on iCloud were available in the "iCloud" section of the sidebar. I toggled it Off in the Pref and those disappeared as well.

So, are the Reminders on my iMac gone forever or can I recover them. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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