I can't access my iCloud photos after changing password

I already sent two posts about this issue but I never received the answer due to your Community update which erased my posts and the replies from your support staff. Let me repeat the problem I am experiencing.

  1. In August this year I started to receive the notice from your iCloud system, that the space is running low, and finally that the iCloud is full. Since I use it strictly for storing photos and videos, I wanted to download them on my HDD. Since the only way (as far as I know) to do that is via iCloud.com, I decided to access it via my web browser to make these actions.
  2. When I tried to access the iCloud with my password two weeks ago, I couldn't do it (system said that I use wrong password, although I was pretty sure I was using right one) so I decided to use your "I forgot my password" option to change it.
  3. After I changed the password I got brand new interface with notice that I have 1 GB of space on iCloud, although I was using 5 GB of space by that time, and of course I couldn't access my photos. I noticed that my new interface lacks Photos icon (like in screenshot below).I can't access my iCloud photos after changing password
  4. All photos on the iCloud were taken via iPhone, and I see them there, but I can't access them on the web. I kindly ask for your assistance on this issue, since it is very important for me to back these photos up. I need step by step instructions how to access these photos so I can clear the space on the iCloud which will allow me to use iCloud space again.

Thank you in advance.

Petar Adamovic

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