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Macbook Air no battery status

A few months ago my Macbook Air wouldn't charge when plugged in. The battery is completely healthy, neither of my chargers had anything wrong either. I took it into the genius bar. They told me it was something possibly in the logic board that was preventing the charge but would need to send it in for a minimum of $500. I decided to think about it because I needed to back up/would rather buy a new one for that amount. The Apple Genius tech changed something on my computer so that If my computer was plugged in, it would turn on not requiring the battery. It would work but 5 minutes in, it would spontaneously shut off. All of the power Energy Saver settings say to not let it turn off/go to sleep.

Now I have set the computer aside for over a month. I plugged it in and for the first time in over a month the orange light came on the power adapter. However due to whatever the technician did, the battery won't charge even though there is a connection and the light is on. Does anyone have an idea as to what settings the technician must have changed so I can reverse it now that the connection is working again?

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