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Increasing battery drainage in sleeping mode after upgraded Catalina supplemental update

I have brand new 2 weeks old 2019 2.4ghz quad core i5 13inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. After upgraded to os Catalina from Mojave, I experience severe battery drainage and overheating. A full charge only gives me 3-4 hours battery life by only surfing website and using outlook. Then I upgraded Catalina supplemental update and energy saver setting is apple's manufacture setting. It seems battery drainage and overheating issue is much improved. Now a full charge could last for 7-8 hours if only surf internet and use outlook on wifi. However I notice increasing battery drainage in sleeping mode. Before only lose 1-2% power over 8 hours in sleeping mode. After update, 8% over same time period in sleeping mode. Does anyone else experience this issue?

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