Notes won’t sync across devices

Hi everyone, this is my first problem ever with apple

products, and I’ve been using them for quite a few years now. I currently have

an iPhone 7, MacBook Pro, iPad Pro 2018 and I’m currently experiencing problems

syncing notes across devices. I tried to work out a pattern but it’s a very erratic

behaviour. Sometimes it updates from iPhone to iPad or vice versa and other times

don’t. The MacBook receives most notes created on mobile devices, but any

created on this doesn’t go across to the mobile devices or even iCloud. I tried

several things: toggle iCloud sync in setting on and off on all the devices,

signed out of all devices and then back in and last night I even backed up all

my notes to files and then deleted all from the app and started fresh with some

random notes. SAME PROBLEM! I’ getting really frustrated with this. Is anyone

else having the same problem? It’s worth pointing out that all my devices are

running the latest OS versions and that this problem only started after iOS 13

and Catalina. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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