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Different Macbook Pro 13" Models?

Hey everybody,

I couldn't find the answer to this anywhere and the people at my local Apple store didn't really seem knowledgeable about it, but I was wondering what the differences between the Macbook Pro 13" models were. Specifically for the CPUs I noticed that there are 3 base models on the Apple website. The first 2 models seem to be identical aside from the 128gb vs 256gb ssd. However, the 3rd model starting at 1799 has an i5 with a base clock speed of 2.4GHz.

Why do these models have different clock speeds for the CPUs when they are both 8th gen i5s? Also, am I better off upgrading the i5 to an i7 on the $1299 or getting the i5 on the $1799 model? I never get close to using 128gb so I'm not interested in anything larger than that, but I would be upgrading the memory from 8gb to 16gb.

Thanks for any help!

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