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NEW mac mini heat problems

So i have a mac mini that i purchased about a month ago. Since right out of the box i noticed it getting very hot. So i loaded istat app on it just to see where it was at. Right off at startup it runs at about 92-110 degrees Fahrenheit. Load some apps up like safari, and maybe photoshop an it goes up and down dramatically. It stays at about 120-160, but occasionally will run up to 200 to 215.

Another thing i did notice is that boot up time compared to my 9 year old imac i very slow. This has been since out of the box.

The only thing different on it is that i did upgrade the memory from 8gb to 32gb. Other than that it is stock. I also want to mention that i am using an external GPU. So it is not even using the internal graphics chipset and it still runs very hot. I have gone as far at to purchase a laptop under base with a fan to help cool it down some.

With temperatures this hot i am worried about CPU damage.

Who else here is having this issue? I just wonder if i got a bad unit. Is this normal? Should i not worry about this?

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