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iPhone 6S Airdrop not functioning after iOS 13.1.3

I own an iPhone 6S+ which I have just updated to 13.1.3

I Airdrop my pictures and videos from the iPhone to my Mac Mini usually.

Since the update the iPhone cannot recognise the Mac Mini over Bluetooth.

Bizarrely the Mac Mini says is is connected to the iPhone (via Bluetooth) and the iPhone says it is connected to the Mac Mini (via Bluetooth).

But when I select pictures in the iPhone Photos and press the export button, the blue circular airdrop icon does not change to the Mac Mini icon as it did previously.

So I cannot sent my pictures to the Mac Mini.

When I connect the iPhone to the Mac Mini by USB cable the window does not present anything that would enable me to transfer photos.

It simply says there are no other devices from my contact list nearby.

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