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Where are the Podcast files on MacOS located? Question marked as solved ★ Latest reply  by  The_ErsatZ_Planet Latest update on the question 1 reply 8 views asked by  The_ErsatZ_Planet User profile for user: Havredegrace Havredegrace User level: Level 1 Podcast and Music Starting Without Prompting

Where does the new Podcast APP on MacOS (NOT iOS) store the downloaded podcast files? I have moved my Music libraries to a larger external drive and Podcast keeps asking me for locations of the unwatched but downloaded files in my list. I always have to manually locate them, even after watching them partway (the "locate" button doesn't find them). I would love to just move my files to the right folder where Podcast can find them rather than re-downloading all the ones I haven't watched/listened to yet. I even let a new one download and did a file search on the episode name and nothing came up. The old iTunes podcast saved the episodes with the file names intact, I guess the Podcast app doesn't. Will I have to download all those unwatched files again?

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